Massage Gun SH-ZM112

Model: SH-ZM112
Size:229 x 247 x105 mm
Material:ABS + PC
Motor: Brushless
Speed:1800-3000 RPM
Max Stall Force:40 lbs
Number Of Speeds:5
Lithium-ion,3S1P,11.1V,2000 mAh/22.2wh
Battery Type/Capacity:Lithium-ion,3S1P,11.1V,2000 mAh/22.2wh
Input:DC 5V12A
Amplitude:8 mm
Frequency:30-50 Hz
Noise:45-55 dB
Charging Time:4 hours
Working Time:4-8 hours
Standard Head (4): Round, U head, Flat, Bullet
Option Head (9): Claws, Convex, Absorber, D head, Finger, Heater, Freeze. Flat of silicone. Orthodrome
Certificate: FCC, CA Prop65, MSDS, CEC, DOE, CE, UKCA.